Trouble with track renewal.

Hello sansa people.

 I have now had music on my 8GB Sansa Fuze for a little over a month, and so I have to update my track subscriptions. I plugged in my Fuze yesterday. Instead of going to the USB screen, it is just saying that my Fuze is charging. It remains on the main music playback screen. I tried switching USB ports and that didn’t work. I left it there overnight, and there were no improvements. I still cannot play any of my music and my computer will not read the Sansa. If it matters, I have a Compaq Presario R3000. There are no back USB ports, and I have already tried to use all that are available.

I tried to ignore this for a while, and attempted to just play Rhapsody music from my computer. A fleet of error messages popped up, with the text “Rhapsody cannot play this track. Please make sure that your sound card and drivers are properly installed.” I have played music with Rhapsody before, so I don’t know what would cause it to stop working.

So these are my questions.

  1. Are my two problems related?

  2. How can I fix them?


EDIT: Well this is another development. I checked my rhapsody authorizations and it said that I had authorized a new computer today. I deauthorized it and it said I could not playback music on the current computer. THe computer I am on now has been authorized since December. For some reason the computer is taking up two authorizations. This is weird.

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I just formatted my Sansa and updated my track licenses, neither of which did anything.

Wow. I restarted my computer on accident. Now it works. Yay?

Rhapsody can be a little wierd.  It’s a bit buggy, but I’m addicted to Rhapsody channels.  I love it with all it’s warts.  A lot of licensing issues are caused by Microsoft Plays For Sure DRM. 

Plays For Sure DRM requires a separate “license” file to be written for each and every track you download, and sometimes if these license files get corrupted or lost in the transfer, you have issues.  All subscription services use this type of DRM for their tracks (except Zune which uses a newer version of PFS).  The 200R series of Sansa’s used Real’s Helix DRM in which the player had “device” license, and as long as the device was licensed, it could play all the .rax files without needing license files for each track.

In my opinion, this is a superior method, but Helix DRM never caught on with other player manufacturers and Helix DRM required the device to have a hardware signature.  Since Plays For Sure DRM did not require this hardware signature, most player manufacturers simply used the Microsoft standard. 

The 200R series was the best player for Rhapsody integration as it almost flawless. 

Now, the Ibizia Rhapsody is also a good player since you can stream songs directly from Rhapsody using it’s wireless capability, but it still uses PFS for it’s subscription tracks.

You can unauthorize both computers and reauthorize your computer to clear the duplicate authorization.  The new firmware on the Sansa Fuze is pretty good with Rhapsody.  However it will still have some track issues due to the weakness in PFS implementation.  If you read some of Napster’s message boards, you’ll see that all players have some PFS track issues.