Can't update track licenses on 8gb Fuze! Help!

My Fuze will not let me update track licenses from Rhapsody, and I’m not sure why. I’d been having problems downloading playlists from Rhapsody (after formatting and reformatting my Fuze, thinking *that* was the problem)–to the tune of a 90+% error count per playlist.

I ran a device compatibility report on the Fuze, and it told me that I needed to update the track licenses on the device; when I did so, I got this message:

Unable to synchronize the track licenses on the device. Error codes: 0x1, 0xc00d2772.

Is my Fuze FUBAR, or is there a solution/saving grace?

Hmmm. Take a look at this.

Never hurts to throw an error message into Google. 

Still, try it at your own risk. Or contact Rhapsody customer support. 

Another possibility, a very quick approach, is to log in to Rhapsody, plug in the Fuze, then right click on the device.

Select Deauthorize , then right click again on the Fuze and select Authorize.   This forces a refresh of the licenses.


No dice on either front, guys…I think whatever is supposed to update the track licenses/DRM is corrupt on my player. I’ve formatted to the bone about three times today, and close to a dozn times this week; even toyed with the idea of ripping out WMP11 and reinstalling it, thinking that may have been the problem, but it wasn’t.

Any way to fix the file that updates track licenses anywhere? I’d like to not have a shiny silver paperweight, since I already have a job with a steel mill :-^)

First, open the Rhapsody client and plug in your Fuze.  Log in to Rhapsody.  Click on Help > About and let us know the build version the client.  Are you using the bare version, or a partner version, like Best Buy?

Once you sign in, the last choice available under My Account is Update Track Licenses.  Try this button first.

Go to the sources pane in the upper left, and click on the Fuze.  After the client scans your device, you will see the license renewal date in the lower right corner.

Hold [Ctrl] + [Shift] and right click on the Fuze.  Select Reset Secure Clock.

Technically, with the device connected, the License button should do what we need, but I have found it problematic.  This is why the toggle from Deauthorize / Authorize is a better option.  Note that you’ll get the pop-up green progress bar with this option, rather than the oddball blue bar at the bottom of the screen.

I mention checking that date in the lower right, as the Rhapsody client / server combination will regularly repair itself, after a period of not properly updating the device license.

Try transferring one new track to the device from the Music Guide, and once it’s done, unplug.  Let the database refresh, and look for that track on the device.  The “recently added” function of the Fuze is handy for this.

Does the track play?

Go to Settings > System Settings > Account, and have a look at the license date.  Are we updated?  One must always hope.

Next, the secure wma / Janus DRM / WMDRM-10 pipeline.  Uninstalling Windows Media player can be done more easily on the Windows XP platform than in Vista.  Simply uninstalling WiMP 11 doesn’t do the trick.  There are several integrated components to this application.

What we need to do is more akin to surgery on a live patient, rather than pulling the plug on the application.  To repair WiMP11, first use the add / remove programs function in the Control Panel.  Before clicking away, let me elaborate a wee bit.  The repair process involves reverting to earlier versions, then a successive upgrade back to WiMP11. After removing Windows Media Player, you will need to return to the Control panel, and remove the Windows Media Format 11 Runtime environment that was listed below Windows Media Player.  Lastly, there’s another nugget in there, (be sure to check Show Updates when in Add / Remove Programs), the Microsoft User-Mode Driver Framework Feature Pack 1.0 is also part of Windows Media Player.

You’ll have a Windows Media 9 machine at this point.  Go to the Windows Media Player downloadpage, via Microsoft, and download the whole enchilada in one step.  This lead page has links to WiMP 11.  Reinstalling clean, this will repair the MTP pipeline for you.

Back to the Rhapsody client.  If the issue is here, you will need to to a clean uninstall of the R4 client, including the license data, and then reinstall the client.

As crisis is the mother of invention, I’ll let you in on a wee secret.  I’ve obviously been through this process, and there’s one more possibility, mentioned earlier in this post.  With successive accesses to the Real / Rhapsody servers, following a reinstall, you may indeed have a license date issue.  Give the client 24 hours or so, and you may be quite shocked to see that license date start updating on its own once again.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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A quick status report:

I had Rhapsody build 4.652 (latest available); “Account” was grayed out on my Fuze; couldn’t seem to get the secure clock to show that it was updated;  and in trying to download a song directly from the Rhapsody Music Guide, I got an error…pity, since I really like Jack Johnson :smiley:

I couldn’t find the path to surgically alter WiMP 11, so I’m working from the “clean re-install Rhapsody” angle. Additional updates as events warrant.

BTW: is there a way to search in Vista for DRM-component files, do you know?