"Rhapsody Channels" sometimes doesn't display


I have been using Rhapsody Channels successfully ever since I purchased my Fuze (~3 months).  I recently purchased a micro SDHC card and am now having problems.  I know that I can’t place Rhapsody Channels on the external card.  When I open Rhapsody and click on the link to update my channels, the update finishes - Rhapsody shows that the Fuze contains the channels.  When I disconnect the Fuze, there is no “Rhapsody Channels” option in the menu.

If I remove the micro SDHC card, reconnect the Fuze and refresh the channels, “Rhapsody Channels” does appear in the menu and continues to be displayed if I insert the externak card.  As long as the card is inserted during a channel refresh, “Rhapsody Channels” won’t display on the Fuze menu.

I’m on firmware version v02.02.26A and the latest version of Rhapsody.

Any ideas?


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Sounds like a reinstall of the device firmware is in order, especially if the Channels reappear.  Use the manual installation methoIf the Channels are zorched, here’s a guide to repair the RhapPFS platform on the Sansa.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SANSA CLIP is the device being repaired in the operation.  For your FUZE, use the FUZE firmware instead of the Clip FW linked in the guide.  The process will be exactly the same otherwise.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: 

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This is a Rhapsody problem.  THey are forgetting to place subscriptioninfo.xml in the services folder when a card is inserted.

THat file is what tells the device it is Rhapsody Optimized.

Thank you both for the replies.  Is the subscriptioninfo.xml issue something that Rhapsody is already aware of, or should I open a support call with them?


If you check the Services folder > Rhapsody, see if it’s there.  If the folder structure is corrupted, as I experienced earlier, reinstalling the firmware rebuilds the requisite structure.  I went crazy when the Rhapsody client showed no Channels option when the Sansa was plugged in.

You’ll find that the basic Rhapsody support doesn’t have quite enough detail on the issue, I confirmed it with Real Networks by working up the “food chain”.  Luckily, I have plenty of Sansas available for brain surgery.

The Rhapsody support staff have to deal with many different families of devices, no doubt.

Note: (Back home…long day!)  I rebuilt my Frankenstein Windows Media Player 11 over the last few days, after crashing the Runtime engine.  I think the poor thing was ready for a rebuild.  It killed the DRM capability.  How’s this for coincidence?  Two Sansas wouldn’t update the renewal date, but secure wma tracks would transfer.

The subscriptioninfo.xml file would not update following device relicensing- and here’s a thread with a similar issue.

Bob   :smileyvery-happy:

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