Bring Back Rhapsody Channels

I have an e250R, View and Fuze. By favorite feature is being able to load up my favorite Rhapsody Channels onto them and listen to hours of new music. I was excited to see the new Fuze+ but I saw no mention of Rhapsody. I contacted SanDisk live support and they stated that the Fuze+ will not support Rhapsody Channels. Unfortunately that is keeping me from buying this new player.

well unfortunately sandisk support was incorrect about this one. The fuze+ absolutely does support rhapsody channels. you can access them under the music menu  

Absolutely!  The new machine is Rhapsody compatible, and supports the Channels feature just like your Rhapsody Sansa e200R does.  The difference is that the new device uses Windows Media Audio format for all rhapsody subscription tracks, where the e200R could use RAX format media.

Rhapsody, in the interest of supporting as many devices as possible, has opted to run with WMA. 

The Fuze, once authorized under your Rhapsody account, will have a new icon in the interface for Channels.

I found it ironic that the e200 series devices only supported Channels with the R series device, as it’s a great way to find and enjoy new music, adding new songs to your library with a single click. The version 2 e200s solved this problem, as it was RhapPFS compatible.   All of the new generation Sansas support Rhapsody seamlessly.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I load a Rhapsody Classical Piano channel on this very day to my new Fuze+. It’s a good thing you stopped by here first.

I love the Channels.  It’s one of the best things to have on the Sansa.

One can always have those favorites loaded in memory, but fresh musical discoveries via the Channels is a wonderful thing.  Always something new to enjoy.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thank you all for your replies. You have renewed my excitement for this new Sansa.