who has a 2gb sansa 250? read this pls.

pls help me… if you have one, can you please send to me the necessary files found on your internal memory? i think i have erased the file for the format. thanks. here’s my eadd… carla_in_pink0416@yahoo.com

What is going on with it that need that?

the device stucks on the sandsik logo when i turn it on…it doent go on the menu…  the recovery mode doesnt work.

You might have to use the e200tool steps that is on the rockbox site or contact Sandisk.

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please just send the necessary files found on the internal memory of sansa c250…pls.pls…

I do not have the files download but here is the links the bootloader and firmware: http://daniel.haxx.se/sansa/mi4.html
Link to the e200tool: http://daniel.haxx.se/sansa/e200tool.html

The c200 is like the e200, but smaller.

Edit: You will need to do this in a Linux OS.

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should i transfer the firmware.mi4 file to my device? will it damage mt device?

If you do not understand those, you might want to contact SanDisk.

Try contacting support, because i am not quite sure what your goal is.

Its 1.866.SAN.DISK

Formatting the device doesn’t delete necessary files, just songs, so there must be something else wrong.  Have you tried just taking out the battery?  That always works for me.  Also, go to My Computer, click on the icon for you device, turn on the Show Hidden Files option in Control Panel or wherever you can turn it on on your computer, and check to see if those files are there.