White Screen - Sandisk Fuze

Hi good day. I just had my 4 GB Fuze for less than 3 months. One morning I turned it on and the screen jsut went blank, with few horizontal lines at the bottom of the screen. Still, I can hear the music playing. Its just like, the problem is on the screen itself. I did not drop it, or anything that might cause some trauma to the screen. I tried contacting the Sandisk support via email, and they told me to try to restart the player by holding the power button up for 20 secs. That didnt work, so they just had my information, as to a possible replacement. 2 weeks passed and I havent heard any response.

Anyway. while waiting for a response to that, I searched this forum and none seems to have the same problem that I have ( or maybe there is, I just didnt see or understand ) Any suggestions for me? Thanks!