8gb Sansa Fuze White Screen But music still plays

I have had this Fuze for about 2 months and yesterday the screen turned completely white. I don’t really know how this happened but the music still plays and everything I just really need to know if there is a solution to this problem. I have tried restarting it and plugging it in to the charger and the screen stays white. Any help will be appreciated

Did you break the LCD screen or drop it?

If I did I wasn’t aware of it. I took it out of my pocket to turn it on and when I did the screen was white music still plays but can’t see what Iam doing

Are you updated to the lastest firmware? If so, then maybe run Sansa Chkdsk.

“White screen” seems to be pretty common on the Fuze. Various random things seem to trigger it without much rhyme or reason.

Format it in Windows and reload firmware. If it does not help, the LCD is most likely cracked on the lower edge where connections are made. You’re getting backlight and scan, but no video to the display.

I see the White screen on my fuze a lot, so if it disappear everytime you reset it so it’s should be fine then.