Sansa Fuze has a white screen! Help!

Hi, I was listening to a song on my fuze and sudenly the screen started moving across, then it got coloured bars on it, the it faded away until it was just a white screen, but curiously enougth, the music continued to play? In fact, every button still worked, i could change songs, go to menus, i could to everything except see what i was doing.

I have tried restarting, connecting it to the computer, and seeing if it will work, but it doesn’t. The computer can still read the fuze and i can access all of my files, but i can’t see the screen whenever it is turned on.

Please help me to fix this problem.

First, try a rest by holding the power switch in the uppermost position for 20-30 seconds. This normally is enough, but some have said up to a minute hold was needed to completely reset the device.

If it still doesn’t work, you should probably check out some of the existing threads on the subject. Some have had luck by formatting the player, some by re-installing the firmware, and some no luck at all. The v2 Fuzes seem to be more prone to this phenomenon then their predecessor (the v1 model) and there is no clear known reason or bullet-proof fix for it.

thanks, i managed to get it working.

Again, thanks for the advice

Great! :smiley:

Was it the reset that worked or something else?

I’ve had both the white screen, twice on my 8GB and the blue once on my 8 and once on my 4, and the player locked tighter than a chastity belt.What I did was just let the battery run down then restart and saw the low batter notice then connected. Got the normal connected screen and I was off to the races

My white screen of death is extremely annoying. I remember about three months after I bought mine, that random white screen would appear. Now that I have had it going on two years come January, it happens a lot more often then before. Starting in July, for about 2-4 days the white screen showed up different ways. I would plug it into the computer and after a few minutes it would go completely white, cut the computer off and nothing but white shows, cut the Fuze off and cut it back on…WHITE. For the past month it hasn’t been doing that. The day before yesterday I started thinking about…all of a sudden the screen started fading. :cry:       

Also, it does things like: if I scroll in the menu of the fuze, everything will be inverted or backwards. Things will be in places where they shouldn’t, and a light green appears on the screen like a tear if you would like to call it. It seems like the problem is getting worse. One more thing, when it charges the colors on the screen animate WAY slower. Any other suggestions?

Short of re-applying the firmware and formatting, there’s not a lot else you can do.

I’d start thinking about a new player.

@Tapeworm:      Will this delete the songs i have on there? Plz. tell me thanx

@torrrindude2011 wrote:

@Tapeworm:      Will this delete the songs i have on there?

Re-applying firmware? No.

Formatting? Yes. Make sure all your files are backed up or another copy of them stored somewhere like your computer (which you should have anyway) so you can re-transfer them over after the format.

Having to format the player just shows an added benefit to being able to add in an external card.  If the player has to be formatted, the contents on the card do not get wiped out along with what’s on the internal memory.

I just received the white screen of death. All you have to do is hold down the power button (like you usually do to turn off) for about 15 seconds…at the same time, press on the Home button. I’ve done this twice and the screen turns off and I still have all my songs etc. If it’s not the home button, it’s the circle button. I just know that one of the two has worked both times for me. I guess it’s equivalent of the computer screen freezing…just turn it off and turn it back on. Only, press two buttons at the same time. Hope this helps others cuz some msg board told me about it and I thought that I’d return the favor. :smiley:

Thanks. Worked for me.