white screen on fuze

I have tried the directions on here but it didnt work. whenever I turn it on, it comes up as a white screen. I tried the soft reset and update firmware. Also I tried to reformat the memory. I hope you can help. Thank you.:wink:

Take it back. Get another one.

There are only 3 ‘fix-it’ options available with the Fuze, regardless of the issue:

  1. Soft re-set.
  2. Format.
  3. Re-install or update firmware.

That’s it; there ain’t no more. Assuming all of the above are done correctly; if the problems still exists then there is nothing else to do but get a new one. You will get quicker service from your dealer/retailer/e-tailer provided you are within their exchange policy time-frame. If not, SanDisk will replace it under their 1 year warranty, but you have to jump through some obligatory hoops and the process will take a few weeks, in which time you will be without your precious tunes.