Which charger should I buy for fuze?

I’m trying to decide which to get between the two



 I’m looking to buy the one from Bestbuy because it also have a usb cable but I was wondering if it would work well with fuze since it only says for ipod and iphone.

Any suggestions?

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The Radio Shack will definitely work.

It’s hard to tell from the Best Buy photo. If it is a wall charger with a separate cord to the iPod, then you could probably plug your Sansa cord into the wall charger’s USB jack.  But if the charger is hard-wired  to an iPod connector, then no, NO and NO.

You cannot use iPod accessories with the Fuze. The power goes through different pins in the iPod plug, and an iPod connector can fry the Fuze.

What you need is something that plugs into the wall and has a standard USB jack–I think it’s 5v.  Then you plug the cord that came with the Sansa into the jack and use the Sansa connector to the Fuze. There are lots of them–Kodak, for instance.

You can also look for chargers made for the Sansa–the same charger will work with Fuze and E200, so search for either one. But NO iPOD CHARGERS. 

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Take a look at this one. http//www.amazon.com/Durable-Flexible-Silicone-Armband-Charger/dp/B001C46RSW/ref=tag_tdp_ptcn_edpp_url 


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I bought a charger at Radio Shack for my Samsung phone that also has a USB port that charges my Fuze. It charges both the phone and the Fuze simultaneously, and does it faster than their respective factory supplied chargers. (That would be the USB port of my PC in the case of the Fuze.)


This is what I have for my fuze. Link


leemann wrote:

This is what I have for my fuze. Link



That’s an awesome deal for that price. Great find! I bought something similar last fall, only my bundle had a Fuze-specific wall plug instead of the universal plug in that bundle you linked. I paid more too.:dizzy_face: