Fuze info questions

I am thinking about buying a sansa fuze but I was looking at what comes w/ it and it does not come with a charger. I cannot find any chargers that are specifically for a fuze but only can find ones for the c series and the e200. Is this compatible? Also where could I get a charger for this, best buy etc.?

Thanks a lot! 

I think the Macally (Made For Sansa) charger is the hot ticket, a good design.  The Sansa is happy with any charger of at least 200ma capacity, so loook for, say, 500ma mininum.  The chargers made for the Motorola RAZR have the correct miniUSB connector, and they’re everywhere!

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Sorry, see what happens when I swap forums?  Again, the Macally has the requisite USB socket for your Fuze, and my e280, and Clips…  There are quite a few USB chargers out there- I even saw one at Radio Shack for $20, but at the same price as the Made For Sansa choice, maybe for convenience’s sake…

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There’s no miniUSB connector on a Fuze, though…?

I just use an old AC/USB charger that was originally for a Blackberry. I think you’ll find that pretty much any USB charger will work. If you don’t want to use your original cable, you can buy one (cheap) on eBay or from Amazon resellers. Anything that’s compatible with the e200 should work AFAIK.

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So are you saying that something like a ipod wall charger that you plug a usb port in work?

I thought I read that the pin configuration of the iPod’s proprietary USB cable was different than the one for the SanDisk Sansa series.  For that reason iPod docking stations cannot work with Sansa players, and I assume anything else iPod won’t work with it either.

Anyone know for sure?  

Yes, they are different.  No iPod accessories will not work, as a rule. 

Yes, if its something that you plug the USB port into. I’ve used a USB adapter with several different devices.

If they have the iPod’s proprietary connector it won’t work, of course.

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So what you are saying is a wall plug with an USB port will work, but not if its an ipod accessory although just a wall plug with a usb port?

The simplest way to put it is to look at the connector.

If the charger has a standard USB 4-pin rectangular socket, the device should be putting out 5 volts, just like your basic PC USB port.  These chargers are what you’re looking for.

If the charger has an extension cable with a 30-pin end, it MUST be a Sansa wired connection.  The end of the cable should say SanDisk or “Sansa” on the 30 pin end.

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Well there are a lot of small businesses that sell cables on eBay and Amazon, and I don’t think they all say “Sansa”. But basically, you’re right - if it looks like the connector that plugs into the bottom of the Fuze but its for an iPod (they look very similar), it won’t work. If its the rectangular connector that looks like the thing on your computer that you plug your Fuze USB cable into, it should work fine.

Something like this, for example, will work:

Whereas something like this (made for the iPod) won’t work, even though its connector looks sort of like a Sansa:


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Thanks that was the answer I was looking for. The first wall charger where you just plug your connector USB cable into was what I was wondering would work for the fuze if it was made for an ipod but still is only a usb port, not any specific cables. Thanks alot:wink: