Micro USB Charger

I just bought the Sansa Fuze+ 16GB (Coming from a Sansa Clip+ that broke) and I already have a USB charger from the clip+ that I bought from MonoPrice and I was wondering if it will work with the Fuze+ (The Charger I have does not have an attached cord I have to use the cable that the device came with and it says “Output 5VDC 1000MA”) I only ask because somewhere on the web said that MicroUSB  devices need a special charger that shorts the data lines to tell the device to charge. I just want to know if the Sansa Fuze+ needs a special charger being that it uses a Micro USB Port


I’ve been using my generic wall charger and it works fine.

There shouldn’t be any problems.

OK I tried my Charger and it will charge the Fuze+ However I can’t use the player while the charger is connected. I touch the play button and the screen backlight comes back on but the player will not respond to any button touch

I like this little guy, only about ten dollars.

It’s available right here at the Sansa Store.  It works great with the existing Fuze+ USB cable.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: