Accessories for Sansa Fuze+?

Okay, so I got my favorite guy an 8gb Sansa Fuze+ for Christmas - - - only I totally screwed up and got accessories (car charger, case, extra USB cable, extra wall charger, etc.) and got the one for the Sansa Fuze (no plus!).  Ugh!  Does anyone know of anywhere I can get these things for the Sansa Fuze+?  With regards to the car charger/adapter, I want to be able to play the MP3 player through the car stereo.  Not all of them can do that.  I did see a Griffin one (universal) that is about $25.00.  Any ideas, suggestions, advice or thoughts would be much appreciated.  Thank you.

i am also looking for a sansa fuze+ accessories like car charger, but as the car player… i have a cassette player in my car… not sure if you man’s car has a cassette player or not as modern cars these days use AUX/CD, but i just went to my local bargain store ($.99 cents store) and bought myself an ipod cassette adapter for my car for 10-15.00… WORKS EXCELLENTLY… and maybe that brand name my be expensive, but your probably paying for the name, and as a radio transmitter, ive had my ups and down with those, probably because I bought a cheap one also, but now i AM IN LOVE!!! with the casette adapter, but yeah if you do find some accessories for the FUZE+ please do tell… like car charger, covers, ETC.


Easiest way is to buy a USB car charger… Cheap as chips… Then you can charge any USB device

And the USB cord is a “micro-USB” cord, something you should be able to get almost anywhere. It’s basically just a general USB cord for MP3 Players, cameras, and any thing else that you might plug into the computer. Unlike the old Fuze (not plus), which used a very specific type of cord, designed only for Sandisk products.

The Sanza Fuze + does not use the standard USB connector. It is very similar, but it is smaller. It is still a proprietary product.

MicroUSB is non-proprietary.  Please educate yourself about it here.  

Are there accessories available for the Sansa Fuze+ player similar to those avaailable for the Sansa Fuze Clip? I am referring to the sleeve, armband, car charger, etc. Thank you. 

I haven’t seen any in stores, but if you click the “Shop SanDisk” link at the bottom of the page, it’ll take you to the SanDisk online store, which has a few items for the Fuze+.

I made my own mount for use at work and in my car. I can slide my fuze+ into the mount/case which I put velco on the back of. I don’t like to wait for people to get around to doing things, I am a bit impatient. The mount I built allows me to use the volume, and power/lock as well as the touch screen and even have both plug ports open. Made it out of plexi glass incase anyone wants to know.

As for playing it through the car radio I picked up a fm transmitter from walmart for about $10. I can use it to play over any radio I chose. It has a selection of 14 different station frequencies.

If you have a few bucks sitting around you can also pick up a cheap car stereo for about $50 that will allow you to both charge and play your fuze+ through. Just two cords and you are set.