Wall Charger for Sansa Fuze?

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I am trying to help my dad purchase a wall charger for his Sansa Fuze (I gave it to him as a birthday present, but he does not have a computer and needs a wall charger). What type of wall chargers should I be looking at? I believe it will either take a standard USB charger or a standard mini-USB charger, but I would like to know which of the two. Will this one or this one or this one work?

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That was easy!  Nice finds, incidentally.  The first link you provided is a clone of the Motorola folding-plug telephone charger, with a standard USB socket that the SanDisk Fuze cable will plug into.

This is the type of wee beastie that you want.  Essentially, if it has a standard USB socket, it’s hard to go wrong, with one exception: if the Fuze says “connected” while plugged into the wall charger, there’s a connection to the data pins within the charger (some MP3 players need this, but the Sansa does not).

The two other chargers shown have what looks like a mini-B USB connector, usable for Sansa Clip.

Further, avoid aftermarket chargers with the 30-pin device connector that do not specifically state that it’s a SanDisk Sansa compatible cable, as there are many iPod chargers that offer a 30-pin end connector that looks similar to the SanDisk one, but they will FRY the Sansa.  Ipod connections are different from the Sansa ones.

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Hi, I agree with the above recommendation for the first *type* of charger, but the specific charger you linked to (the $1.00 one) is pretty crumby.  I bought it for my Sansa e280, and it will only charge it to about 25%.  I didn’t want to pay more, though, so I just went back to charging via my computer.  So unfortunately, I do not have a specific recommendation, but i would remind you that one does tend to get what they pay for.   (I do have this baby, http://www.amazon.com/Belkin-Mini-Surge-Mount-Charger/dp/B0016IXEWG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1257827612&sr=8-1  which works great with my e280, Fuze, and Clip, but probably is more than you’re looking for).

A big “thank you” to the both of you for the help and the very informative replies. As per the second user’s reply, I may look for a better charger, though you are correct about the one you linked to being a bit too expensive for my tastes. Thanks again!

I would think you’d want one with 5V, 1.0 amp output.  That small first one doesn’t have enough output.  A computer’s USB 2.0 can put out 5V, 1.0 amp.

I have a USB AC Adapter charger for my Sprint HTC phone, CNR 5310, will that work with the Sansa Fuze 8GB?