AC wall charger for the Fuze for five cents.

I’ve received a lot of help from this forum so thought I’d contribute a tip.

I bought this wall charger from Inspiretech via amazon when I ordered my wife’s 2GB Fuze.  It only costs $.05 + $2.98 shipping to all 50 states.  I received it within a week of my order.  I’ve charged the Fuze with it twice so far and it works perfectly.  Music playback works while the Fuze is being charged.

Of course there’s always a chance of getting a defective unit which might fry a Fuze.  I’m just relating my personal experience which has been very positive.  I don’t have an affiliation with Inspiretech or amazon whatsoever. 

To find the charger on amazon, do a search on “Travel charger for sansa”.


BTW, the full title of the amazon item is “Travel Charger for SanDisk Sansa e250 / e260 / e270 / e280”. 

It does not mention the Fuze but it works with my Fuze.  Some of the user reviews mention that it works with their Fuzes also.


The Fuze and E200 series both use the same USB cable connection for data and charging.