Will the Travel Charger for Sandisk Sansa E250 / E260 / E270 / E280 also charge the SandDisk Fuze?

Will the Travel charger for Sandisk Sansa E250 / E260 / E270 / E280 also charge the SandDisk Fuze?

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The reason I ask is that one of these chargers can be bought online for about 98 cents with 3 bucks for shipping, while in one store a Fuze charger was 26 bucks. 

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I’d be cautious and look closely at that before risking my player for .98 cents + shipping. That big of a difference should be a RED FLAG!

It might be OK, but if it’s an off-brand (or even counterfeit name-brand) from China, it could cause damage not only to your player, but could even catch fire (it’s happened)! Not to say all products from China are junk; heck, even our Sansas are made there, but there have been chargers from there that carry the UL safety listing (or equivelent), but was not subjected to the tests. In other words, cheap imitations!

Can you provide a link here to the site/page where this is offered? Maybe someone here will have knowledge of it or the e-tailer, good or bad. At the least, you’ll get several opinions on it’s validity, quality or safety. At the most, if it’s genuine a lot of people here may scarf one up too. :wink:


This is the link.  It’s through one of the market sellers on Amazon.

I’ll be looking for others’ insights on this as that is the charger that I am currently using.


I have bought several things from bargaincell, and have never had a problem, but these were not things that plug in. I am a fan of paying a little bit extra and buying from Sandisk, or Best Buy when it comes to stuff like that.