Charging problem - A/C wall charging won't work!

Hey there,

This forum already solved one of my problems, so here’s hoping it’ll fix another one.

After changing the USB setting, I was able to charge my Fuze via the USB port in my computer.  I also have a wall adapter (like this one), which should theoretically charge the Fuze without having my computer on for several hours.  Problem is, the Fuze won’t recognize the adapter and charge itself, even though it turns on when plugged into the wall.  Is there another setting for wall charging, or am I doomed to charge via the computer’s USB port all the time?


That’s wierd  - I have a similar style charger which I use to charge all my Sansas (Clip, Clip+, Fuze).  I leave all of my players in MSC mode, but that shouldn’t matter to an AC adapter.

Perhaps it’s not making a good connection - did your charger come with a new cord?  My charger came with a defective cord.  Once I used the original Sansa cable, everything worked. 

When it turns on while plugged into the wall, the player should continue to work/play music, just the battery icon animates to indicate charging.

I’d try a different AC charger. The one you have may just be a bum unit.