iphone/ipod usb charger with my FUZE without damages ?


  1. I’m just wondering if i can use an iphone/ipod usb charger (I already have an iphone) with my FUZE and its usb cable…without damaging the fuze or charger… it’s a european one


Your image leaves out the most interesting part … the one where you presumably connect a standard usb cable to it.

If it’s just a wall plug to usb socket thing, it will probably work like and generic charger will.

However, if it relies on the ipod-specific connector, don’t use it! ipod accessoires might fit your Fuze but they use different pins and will destroy your Fuze.

hi, and thank you

the charger looks like that

you have to plug the usb cable into it, no specific connector…

My question regarded voltage and electricity things actually :slight_smile:

That charger should be following USB specifications and should therefor be fine.

It’s hard to guess if it will melt your Fuze based on a picture :wink:

If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t plut it in to the wall, then plug in the fuze usb cord and see if it looks and fits okay. 

Looks like a standard USB charger, though. 

I bought a generic USB wall & car charger (USA) from a store, and my coworker who has an iPood has the same one and it works on both.