sansa fuze burnt my hand using LG 5V adapter

…i didnt found out that the problem was the charger after charged my x-mini happy speaker using the same charger that i used… now my sansa and my speaker wont turn on…the charger works fine on my phone but why did it ruined my fuze and my speaker?now, i cant use it. every time i plug my sansa fuze on my computer or my ipod 5v charger, it gets hot quickly (very hot!)…is there any way to fix this on my own? please excuse my horrible grammar

You can’t use an iPod charger or connector with the Fuze. It is not a universal connector, but a connector that only works with iProducts.

The Fuze connection is not the same as the iPod connection. The power pins are in different places.  So you have been sending electricity into the wrong part of the Fuze. No wonder it gets hot.

The way to charge the Fuze is with the Fuze charging cord. You may have destroyed yours.

Now . . . don’t inhale until the tip glows . . .


Fire not good!!!

Wow,  very similar thing happened with my 8gig fuzev2 using the cheap wall plug-in that came in an amazon deal bundle.  I used the charger a few times then left it charging one day to return to a dead fuze that smelled like melted plastic.  Since then every time i pluged it into something a chip in the fuze gets super hot real quick.  Ended up buying another 4gig on sandisk outlet.