My sansa fuze

Okay my friend had given me a sansa fuze because he didn’t have a charger for it…So I took it and said i’d find a charger for it, When I got it I had tried to turn it on and a white light was on for about a second…So I let it sit for about a month and got a charger for it, I charged it for around 7 hours and it will not turn on…The charger I have, when I try to turn on the fuze the light on the charger lights up…If you can please help

You didn’t get an iPod charger by chance, did you? Because if you did you probably fried it. The iPod connector has its power connection in a different place and is kind of like sending the Fuze to the electric chair. 

You can find a USB sync and charger cord for the Fuze–connects to a USB port on your computer–for about $5 on Amazor or eBay. Seach Sansa Fuze Sync Cord. It also sends over the music. That’s all you need to charge it. 

You might try getting one and seeing if it works–make sure, again, it is for Sansa Fuze (or Sansa E200, which uses the same cord) and not iPod. But if it’s fried, it’s fried.  Give it a decent burial–or someone might want to buy it for parts (the LCD screen) on eBay. 

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Okay well I had double checked what charger I had purchased, if you go on amazon and type in sansa fuze charger, it has a pack with a case, strapand, etc for it, we bought that…Unless the person before me we has put a ipod charger for it, Than im not sure what could be wrong with it…But if they hadn’t, is there anything else that could be wrong with it?

Yep.  It really sucks not to have a charging cord.  Hmmmm, wonder why your “friend” doesn’t have one??   I’ll bet whoever purchased the player has the cord.  Maybe you could go back to wherever your “friend” got the player and ask around for the original/real owner???   That is unless the player is STOLEN…  ***hole

Woah, okay I got it from my friend Alex, he had gave it to me because he moved and lost the charger, maybe he stole it, maybe not…I can’t say what might have happened with it before I got it…But you can’t just automatically blame that it is stolen if your not certain…But if anyone knows if maybe its still fixable please let me know