8GB fuze usb cable problem

Hi. I just purchased my fuze about a week ago, and have been having a problem with it ever since I removed it from the package. The USB cable where it plugs into the player seems to be problematic, I cant keep the player connected to the computer, but if I jiggle the plug it reconnects, then disconnects. Now Im 3000 miles from home, on a different computer, and the thing wont even charge, Im somewhat disappointed. Ive tried shimming the plug, etc, with no positive results. Anyone know what the problem may be? Is there another way to charge this thing without a computer? Maybe a cell phone charger that matches the plug? All the other MP3 players Ive had charged off my cell phone charger, can this one? Please help!

Call 1-866-SANDISK.  A new Fuze should have a working cable. Perhaps they will send you one, or have you return both unit and cable. There’s a one-year warranty, and while I’m not sure if it covers the cable, a new Fuze should NOT have this problem. Be firm if necessary.

Or, just replace the thing. 

Unless there is a problem with the jack itself–a possibility–you simply need a new cable.  It’s a connection that’s only for Sansas, so no, your cell-phone charger won’t work. 

If you can be patient, get one on Amazon. Just search for Sansa Fuze Sync Cable or Sansa Fuze USB cable or something like that. Generic ones are around $5–look at the reviews to make sure they work. I have two different ones, and they work fine. 

You could also go to a Best Buy or someplace and see if they have a real Sansa cable (the same one also fits the E200 series) but it will probably cost around $20. 

Do not get an iPod cable. 

They look similar and you can force them into the Fuze–and if you do, and try to charge, you will fry the Fuze. Use cables for Sansa Fuze (and E200) only. 


Gotcha, I’ll try that. Im hoping that its just the cable and not the player itself, so we’ll give it a shot. I picked up my fuze at Costco, I dont know how their returns are, but hopefully if it comes down to that I can just exchange it, but I hope not. Thanks - Jared

costco returns are really good.  You have 90 days from your purchase to return it.  Always keep all the packing and the receipt.  It is much easier.  You can get your money back and then get a new one off the shelf…  Get a Clip plus it uses a regular usb plug much more easily aquired…

Have you tried with a different computer? If your USB power isn’t good enough that can cause issues with connections dropping out. I can’t get any of my Fuzes to work properly on my main PC.

Yes. My computer at home is a newer machine, and it was giving me slight troubles. The computer Im using now is older, and giving lots of troubles. I just bought a wall charger for it, used the same cable, no more charging problems, weird. Seems as if my problems are with the PCs. I knew my computer at home was having some USB card troubles, so I’ll have to take a look at it when I get back… Thanks again!