Urgent: time sensitive answer needed QUICK! USB charger choice.


I just picked up a Dynex DX-IPAC2b USB wall charger and I need to know if it works properly with the Fuze.  This is time sensitive because I leave for Europe in less than 12 hours.



I’m in Ottawa, Canada so alternate purchase suggestions need to take that into consideration.

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Does it have a standard USB jack on it? I can’t tell because all of the product pages I found on Google have the same view of the product, and that view doesn’t show how the charger connects to the cable.

If it does have a vanilla USB jack, it should work fine (though it may charge slower than you’re used to if it has a lower-than-usual milliamp-hour [mAh] rating). It says “5V USB”, which is standard for all USB devices. It probably only says “works with iPod and Creative players” because those are the cables included.

Two important things to remeber, though: only use your Sandisk cable with the Fuze, even though the iPod cable will fit without much trouble. The cables are wired differently, and using the wrong cable   will likely kill your Fuze. And you may need an adapter to use the charger in Europe. They have different line voltages and plug configurations there.

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OK, here’s what I found:

It does have a standard USB plug-in.

When I plug in the Fuze, it comes up as if it’s powered up and I can play tunes on it.  When I disconnect it, it goes into Standby mode (there’s another thread here on that but I have to say I don’t understand it).  Is this normal?

I’ll use only the Fuze cable.

I DO have an inverter.

Further thoughts?

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