Where is Battery Status indicator?

I have the battery status indicator on my Clip, but I see numerous posts telling about one on the computer.

I’ve connected both MTP and MSC and can’t find it.  MTP mode doesn’t allow me to show properties, unless I go to Device Manager and then no battery charge indicator.  MSC allows me to show properties, but still no battery charge indicator.  I have firmware 20, Win XP Home and WMP 10 on 2 PCs with same results.

Also, several posts have indicated that you can’t charge the Clip with it turned off.  Mine charges both ways, but if it is turned off when I connect it to the PC, it looses my position on the playlist and next time I use it, it comes on with the menu showing.  That’s a bummer and should be fixed in next revision of the firmware.

I am 99.99999999999 percent positive you have to have Windows Media Player 11.  When I right click on mine in My Computer, I choose Properties, and then the battery icon is right there.

That is correct.

Numerous postings on this–try using the search box above to locate discussion.

I think it’s because u use Home edition.

Also i recomend SP2 for Win XP