When I turn on my SanDisk Fuze 4GB I only get a white screen.....

I have uploaded music onto my player and it will play and the FM radio, but the screen remains white.  I’ve downloaded the update software and still get only a white screen.  Any suggestions?


Formatt your device for the best results. if that doesnt work take it back or get it repaired.

ut il say you have curroppted files on it

How do I do that?  I’ve tried holding the switch up for 20 seconds…several times.


Will the player connect to your computer? Try manually re-installing the firmware. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the post here containing the link to the f/w update. Make sure you choose the right one for your particular hardware revision (1 or 2). This is detailed in the same post.

If this dosn’t work and it is a new player, take (or send) it back. You shouldn’t have these type of problems right out of the box.