When device displays yellow dot at time of startup and instructs you to renew track licenses....

These following steps will help you to correct this problem. I have tried all of the other suggestions in this forum and none of them worked. I phoned Rhapsody technical support and they were able to walk me through the following steps to correct the problem. 1. Disconnect device from Rhapsody & computer 2. Restart device 3. On the Sansa Fuze go to Settings then System Settings 4. Select Format Device, after the device has finished formatting then go to the next step 5. Now go to USB Mode under System Settings and select MTP 6. Now select Reset Factory Settings under System Settings 7. Now select Format Device once again 8. Turn off device and connect Sansa Fuze to Rhapsody 9. After the Sansa device appears in the Rhapsody window right click on the device to see if the Sansa Fuze is authorized. If it is already authorized select Deauthorize Device and reauthorize device again 10. {This next step is very important} Select and add a new song to your Rhapsody library. After it is added go to My Library and find the new song. Then right click on the song and select Download Track. Then drag and drop this new song to the Sansa player. This will reset the correct licensing date and information on your Sansa Fuze. Now disconnect the Fuze and let it refresh and the warning should be gone. P.S. Make sure you have downloaded the correct Sansa Firmware updater for your device to your computer before starting this series of steps. Hope this helps you as it did me. I was ecstatic.
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Been there, done that, worked until I updated my Rhapsody Channels at which point the license error came back, edited and deleted xml files, no effect, gave up.

Still love the Fuze though.