Renew Rhapsody tracks message keeps appearing on Fuze

I started getting this ‘connect to pc to renew your rhapsody tracks’ message about a week ago so i did this and made sure to click on everything there that might pertain to this. I kept getting the message though every day and it’s counting down the days; ‘within 3 days, within 2 days’, so I have added tracks almost every day partly in an effeort to see if the message will go away but it hasn’t. I’m down to 1 day now and worried that I’m going to lose my tracks. I did go to the rhapsody forum but only got one reply from someone who said this happens to him too but he doesn’t lose his tracks and it’s evidentlly a Fuze issue. It might be a Fuze issue but the message is about rhapsody so I’m not sure. I also got a similar message on my clip+ but after logging in and ‘renewing’ the tracks I didn’t get it again; so maybe it is a Fuze issue! I’m just a little nervous that i might lose my tracks as well as a little annoyed that i keep getting this every day on my Fuze. Any help or suggesstions?

Call SanDisk tech support, 1-866-SANDISK.

First and foremost, be sure to update your Fuze to the latest version of the firmware.

What’s happening in your case is a fault somewhere in the DRM pipeline, be it the DRM cache, a leaf license, the authorization, a secure clock issue…  There’s only one fault message, “synchronize to continue your music subscription”, as this is the simplest solution.

Personally, I would prefer that the device use a modified “pink screen”, with a fault code to assist in troubleshooting, but at least with Rhapsody, you have a few tools to make repairs.

Trust me, with the base level of support, it’s hard to find a solution.  The guys “in the know” are out marlin fishing in warm waters, I’ve seen the tans that give away this secret.

With Rhapsody, you need the Secret Handshake.  I’ll tell you, but be careful about that black helicopter that may be seen hovering overhead.  Just give them a wave and a confident thumbs-up, and they’ll think you simply must be in the loop.

Plug in your Fuze, and open the Rhapsody client, then sign in.  In the upper left, in the Sources pand, you’ll see your Sansa.  Hold the [Shift]+[Ctrl] keys down, while right-clicking on your Sansa in the list.  Voila!  See the new options?  Click on Reset Secure Clock.

I have found that Deauthorizing, then Reauthorizing the Sansa, then transfer one track from the Music Guide to ensure the licenses are refreshed works wonders.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: