whats with the flashing pink screen after you cancel your rhapsody account?

i loaded all my songs from rhapsody and i cancelled my subscription after about 4 months. now i have the “synchronize to continue your music subscription”. i saw this asked in another post,but that person got his songs from his own cd’s. any answers???  thanks.

You could try deleting all references to Rhapsody (folders, etc.). To access these folders, you’ll have to switch your player to MSC mode. The Rhapsody folder will be in the Services folder.

Incorrect Rhapsody Folder is in Services folder in MTP mode.

Oops! That’s right. And that’s about the only time I’ve ever used MTP in a long time; when I deleted all the samples and Rhapsody off of my Fuze when I got it.

Another newbie stuck with this.  After downloading about 6 gb on my 8gb Fuze from Rhapsody, after while cancelled my subscription and then to be safe uploaded all the albums to WMP11 by copying them frome the Fuze to WMP.  Now I’m blocked by the pink monster message.  I checked and in Rip "Copy Protect Music " was unchecked, I switched settings in the Fuze  to MTP but I can’t seem to figue out where to/how to access     “the rhapsody folder in the services folder”  Where will I find the Services folder?  On the Fuze? On the Computer? (Win XP).  Any special way to delete all references to Rhapsody?  Woulds be great if Sansa could provide a simple fix for this problem in the future.  Appreciate your help in advance.

Once you cancel your subscription to rhapsody your licenses will not be renewed. So after about one month none of the Rhapsody content will be playable on your computer or on your device. You may as well delete it all.

Yes, the folders you seek are on the Fuze itself. 

You can access them while connected in MTP mode.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks neutron_bob.  I found and deleted the folders on my fuze, but the music is still blocked.  Is there any workaround so that I can listen to the music I already downloaded without renewing the subscription?

Sorry the Rhapsody DRM system requires you to license the content every month, so its not yours to keep listening to after you cancel your subscription. The licenses have expired.

Thank you SansaFix- I’ll renew my license today so I can listen to the music I already downloaded.  One more question- on the Rhapsody site they advise that you can only download an album once, so that you should copy your music onto a CD to save it if your computer becomes corrupted, etc.  I’ll likely do that.  What then happens if I later decide to take a break from my subscription?  i.e. does the music on the CD also no longer play?  Can it be copied back to my fuze?  Thanks

Content that you purchase from Rhapsody in MP3 format is DRM free and can be burned to CD.  If you cancel your subscription you keep the purchased content.

Subscription content cannot be burned to CD.