What is the best method of swapping files to your C250?

I have used Media Player, Real Player, and Windows XP explorer.  None of them seem all that reliable.  I get various errors when updating files on the Sansa.

*Real Player allows me to sync most files, but often I get an error message on the Sansa when trying to play purchased files.   Something to the effect of “please syncronize your files to maintain your subscription” or something of that verbage.

*Windows Media Player gives me the most headaches telling me that nearly 1/2 of the files on my PC or laptop are not supported file types and refuses to load them onto my Sansa…even though they are MP3 files that I own the rights to.

*using windows XP pro, I can manually drag and drop all my files to the sansa but for some reason my purchased music loads on and you can see the files in explorer…but then when you disconnect the sansa they will not show up in the list.  Plug it back in to the PC or laptop and you can see the files are there, but it is as if the Sansa doesn’t recognize these files have been loaded.  All the songs that I have ripped from my CD collection show up and play with no problems.  This happens mostly with music purchased from Real Networks.

What is more frustrating is that I have the same music files on my PC and Laptop (save for about 20 or so protected files that I cant share back and forth), and some of the files will sync fine from the laptop, and some will not.  Same problem with the PC but with a different set of files.

I feel like there is some trick to this trade that I don’t understand.  Is this a problem with my Sansa, or with my software on my computers?  :robotsad:

PS:  I have tried syncing files in MSC and Auto Detect mode.  Same problems either way.


Well, DH1 (sounds like VH1) If you have Auto Detect and MSC, then you have what SanDisk considers a “Legacy Product” and this thread will probably be moved to the Legacy Forums.

But before that happens, which player do you actually have? M200 or C100? Perhaps even E100?

Purchased music is always best to transfer is MTP Aka Auto Detect mode.  I am unsure as to why you are getting all those error messages.  When was the last time you tried reformatting the player and just starting fresh!

I have a C250, so I am not sure why it would be considered a legacy system.  It is a new model.  It was bought at Best Buy back in December of 06.  I have reformatted the unit several times.  It seems the problems started when I began syncing files with both my laptop and my PC.  I first used the laptop and had no issues.  After I tried to upload files from my PC, I began receiving the errors.


Well…  I am out of my mind thinking you have a C100, when you mention two times you have a C250… but enough about me being senile.

Trya full format of your device in MSC mode.  R Click on my computer, L click on mange, click on disk management, click on your C200 and pick format. once its finished try transfering again with all 3

Thanks, I will try that.  I only formatted using the format function in the menu on the device itself.  It does delete all the files but I am sure the settings remain.  What do I have to do after formatting in Explorer??? Will I then have to download new firmware and drivers?



formatting in MSC mode will not make you need to reload the firmware, although if you are using an old version of the firmware it would be a good idea to update it.

how to video for updating firmware