E250 'The device does not support sync

All of a sudden my sansa started giving me the message that I must sync to continue playing.  All the songs it won’t play are now showing the message on windows media player ‘The device does not support synchronization of subscription content’.  All these songs had played on the sansa prior to 7 days ago, I made sure there wasn’t any firmware updates missing, checked that I still had the rights to the music (I do and they play on my computer), they are all .wma formats and I spot-checked to see if they would download correctly to an older mp3 - they load and play perfectly.  Because the loaded to the older player, I decided that I would reformat the sansa and start fresh, now two-thirds of my music are showing the same message.  They were all downloaded through either amazon or walmart.  Help!


Sounds like you have switched to MSC mode prior to attempting a connection.  On the player, go to Settings > USB Mode > MTP.

Plug in and sync again with Windows Media Player.  The license data can onlybe renewed in MTP mode.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks Bob, but that didn’t work.  I have narrowed it down to songs I purchased through MSN and Walmart that are older then 6 months old.  All the ones I download from other sites have no issues and some of them are a couple years old.