Sync Problem

Ok don’t know if anyone else has had this problem so here goes:

I have been using my sansa E280 fine, transferring music videos and pictures, recently i tried to transfer some music onto it and it synced fine, but it doesnt appear on my player :angry:

When i look in my computer and explore the sansa as a portable device the music i have synced onto it IS ON IT. As you can imagine its quite frustrating i have tried to remove it and sync it back on a few times but this isnt working.

Anyone that can help will be much appreciated ! ! Dain

Perhaps the ID3 tags are bad for that track (Or Missing), and if so, it will show up on the player as “Unknown Artist”

also make sure the files are either MP3 or WMA

its not the tags or the format of the mp3 they are wma and i have specifically tagged them correctly just like all my other music and now whatever i transfer nothign will go on !! This is annoying me.  I have about 2 GB space left so thats not a problem, im going on holiday monday and i need to update my music

If you are having problem with synchronizing files, I would test the device by copy and paste to the device while in the msc mode.  You can test if the problem is with the songs by ripping new songs from a cd using window media player I would also suggest, setting rip music to rip the songs in mp3 format at 128 kbps. After ripping new song, try to sync the again. You may also want to check the manufacturer’s website for possible firmware update for your MP3 player.

Make sure your firmware is the newest! :slight_smile: