Sync Trouble

I have a Sansa e250, that worked well until last week when I updated the firmware. Now, when I try to Sync using Windows Media Player, it will not transfer any files to the device. The Sync results indicates some files have transferred, some are already on the device, and others Error, but when I disconnect the device, it says no songs.

What happen when you just copy and paste mp3 or wma files to your mp3 player?   If you encourter the same problem you should contact SanDisk technical support maybe they have a way of overwriting the firmware on the player.  It’s possible some minor interruption during the firmware update may have cause  this issue… I think… 1-866-SanDisk.

Fixed the problem, and I’ll post the solution for the good of those who would follow in my footsteps.

One week, several computers and several calls to tech support, I found that last time I updated the firmware, my memory was corrupted. The fix was to place the device in MSC mode, and format it- not using windows media player. Go to My Computer, select the connected player and select format from the right click menu. Then switch it back to MTP mode and it’s good as new.

I never would have stumbled upon that on my own. I thought format was format, and it didn’t matter where you did it. Thanks tech support.