What is the best equalizer configuration in your rockbox?

Could you share me please.I found few configuration in the net but i didn’t like so much.Can you help me please.

What is your all configuration in sound options.Thx.

EQ depends on your headphones mainly, not your player, so its hard for someone tell tell you the best unless they have the same headphones you do.  Plus it also depends to some extent on your ears, so different people will probably prefer somewhat different settings.  

IMO if you don’t hear anything that particularly needs EQ on your headphones, you probably don’t need to be using EQ.

But some people give their configurations,can you share with me.I want to set up different configuration and make a choice.

You should always start with Normal or flat, nothing boosted or lowered. That’s the way the musicians wanted you to hear it.

Any other EQ is to compensate for your headphones and the response of your own personal ears–and only you can decide that.

I still waiting your sound configuration.This answers are not enough for me.I think, some users give their configuration, but you only say something.NOTHİNG…

Lets look this topic.There are some people who want to share settings to help anothers.But you dont make same thing.This is your difference.


In the normal Fuze firmware, if I remember correctly, “5,0,1,5,10” worked really well for most earphones I used.

As for Rockbox, just mess around with it until you find what you like.  I honestly couldn’t tell you what I did.  Also, try out “crossfeed.”  Since I have moved on from Sansa–for now–I have missed this feature :cry:.

In my opinion, the best way to find out everything about Rockbox is to look around and mess with things (except in the “Debug” section, as it says to keep out, and setting the backlight to 0, since that will turn the screen off).