Suggestions: Bass/treble and Parametric EQ

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I got a Fuze in Christmas present and i’m pretty Happy with it so far. The MP3 player is great, but it can be Diffecult to get nice ammount of bass :slight_smile:

We got our Custom EQ, which is great, but since the EQ band Frequencys are pre-set you can’t set the way you want it. And the bass is lacking in my opinion when it comes to setting the EQ. Since the lowest band in the EQ is on 100 Hz and not 60, it can be diffecult to set up a good bass sound.

So my suggestions are:

Simple Bass value - Adds or Subtracts the lower (Bass) frequencys in the sound.

Simple Treble value -  Adds or Subtracts the higher (treble) frequencys in the sound.

Parametric Equalizer - Give the option to control the Equalizer alot more than you currently can. There could be a Option to enable or disable this feature in the systems settings, Defaulted to “Off”, so new Owners won’t accidentally touch them without knowing what it’s for.


This is the Rockbox Parametric EQ, which was just brought here as an example.

I’m pretty sure that the Player will handle those since on my Old E250 (v1) with Rockbox firmware it could handle without any Decrease in performance.

While Rockbox is one of the reasong i buy the Sandisk Players i’m kinda hooked to it and since i like the Sansa players by design and Quality too i bought a Fuze, but the Fuze v2 doesent support Rockbox yet so i have to stick with the original firmware. And thats why i’m suggesting these features which would make the sound alot better in my Opinion.

If some of the players doesent Support any of the Above mentioned they can be Disabled for those Players. But i’m mainly talking about the Fuze here since thats the player i own.

As for Battery Life, if The EQ is disabled and the Bass/treble is set to 0, there should be no Decrease in battery life or any altering in the Current sound.

Thank you.

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All these things come at a cost in terms of battery life. When playing mp3 files, typical battery life on the Fuze is 20 hours. If Rockbox is used, typical battery life for playing mp3 files is just around 15 hours. If one uses the equilizer with Rockbox it will probably be even less than that. I would like a firmware that increases battery life, not one that decreases it. I was reading about an mp3 player that has no equilizer, a 1" display, and gets over 100 hours of battery life. I would prefer a player with no equilizer at all if it gets longer battery life. I don’t use the equilizer on my players.

If you want decent bass, then get a headphone that can produce it, rather than getting a bass deficient headphone and crank up the equilizer to try to compensate for it.

While you may be correct about the Battery Life, i prefer Sound quality over Battery life. But these functions don’t have to be turned on Either, since it could be added as an Option.

And my headphones can produce really good bass, but to reach that bass i have to Crank up the equalizer which i have been needed to with all my Audio Equipment, unless i use my PC speakers which have a Subwoofer :slight_smile:

But i get your point.

There are headphones available that have a built in subwoofer for those who want a crazy amount of bass.

(I find it amusing that this audiophile headphone retailer sells these)

“Snoop Dogg knows about huge bass. And so does Park City, Utah’s Skullcandy headphones, making for a perfect pairing of hip-hop bling and slamming bottom-end punch. The Skullcandy Snoop Dogg Skullcrushers headphones have a battery-powered (‘active’) bass boost that can be dialed in by the listener for the biggest bass sound imaginable; At ‘maximum’ setting there’s no question the SnoopDogg Skullcrushers will vibrate your basshead hip-hop cranium into submission so if that’s your thang, then lucky you! Dual 30mm vibration-speaker mini subwoofers partner with 30mm neodymium magnet drivers to ensure the renegades of funk won’t get lost in the mix.”

Imagine listening to the 1812 overture or Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565

with this headphone. :sunglasses:

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While i Appreciate your help, i’m not out after new Headphones. The thing is that i could get the ammount of bass i wanted with my Current ones when i used Rockbox. So i was just suggesting some features that could add that to the Original Firmware aswell.

It was Just some Suggestions, if Sandisk decide not to Implent it, it’s ok by me. And i find all Players i’ve had to have a little Weak bass, so nothing Directed to Sandisk, when i actually find theirs to be a bit better than most others. Maybe i was a little over the top saying that Bass management was bad, but i’m used to Rockbox where you can pump out Loads of good bass. Which is an Unofficial Custom firmware. Anyway, replacing my Earphones is not an Option for me. But maybe other readers will find your Suggestion good :slight_smile:

And i’ve Solved my problem a little of my own to an Extent Here.