Sansa Clip Zip with Rockbox & Sennheiser MX 880


I recently bought new earphones - Sennheiser MX 880. Also I upgraded my rockbox from some very old release to 3.13.

What are your sound settings witch this player and rb? I’m trying to find something best for me but with no luck so far. Too much possibilities. 

The best would be to find someone with this earphones, who has this player and uses rockbox. 

Unless you want to equalize the headphones, I would use the default settings.

What’s best for somebody else using this player and these headphones may not be best for you. Everyone’s hearing and preferences are different.

You’ll just have to play around with the EQ to find the settings you like best.

What do you mean by equalize earphones? Permanently changing their sound character? I never heard of anything like that. I’ve been listening to music for 4 hours before. Now I’m using some pink, white, radio noise and waving frequencies generator to heat them. Generator.

Can you explain “equalize earphones” to me like to a kid? :smiley: What does it mean, consequencies, is it permanent even after heat up? I found some pages but I don’t understand much. :confused:

I like to use eq because normal settings are not fun enough for me. :slight_smile:

If you don’t know what an eq is check Google. But probably that means you shouldn’t use it.

I know what equalizer is. But I’m not sure I understood you correctly. Translation problems. I’m not US/UK. I understood that by using equalizer on player I will equalize earphones so they change their sound characteristic. What I mean is that after playing at eq for a long time earphones will not play at default settings same as before. 

I think I starded to thinking too much after I read some pages about equalizing earphones like How to equalize earphones. I don’t get this page.

@evemir wrote:

Can you explain “equalize earphones” to me like to a kid?

Make the headphones sound like you want them to sound.