Sandisk Clip+ build in headphones's best equalization with RockBOX

After a lot of tests, I found a good sound with built in Clip+ headphones, that are famously not good sounding.

In Settings-> Sound Settings -> Equalizer -> Graphical EQ, we have 5 band to change:

BAND      | Gain       | Frequency    | Q

LS           -2,5                   50              1

PK1        -8                     140            0,7

PK2        -2                     800            0,9

PK3        1,5                 3500            0,9

HS          8,5              10200             1,5

The earphones that came with the Clip+ are not so good. I suggest you get better ones.

sure, I haven’t suggested to hear only with these. But try the equalization, I hope you’ll be surprised.