What if the Clip Breaks?

I just purchased a clip + and noticed that the clip is not removable. I purchased the player primarily to workout with. If the clip part breaks am I just out of luck?

Since it’s not removable like the one on the original Clip, I’d say it should be covered under the regular SanDisk warranty. Sandisk used to replace the removable ones at no charge until they started selling them. Then they (and I use this term loosely, as it could have been just a few) claimed because the clip was removable, it was deemed an ‘accessory’ and therefore not covered under the player’s warranty.

The newly designed clip on the Clip+ is beefed up quite a bit as compared to the previous model, though. I doubt you’ll have a problem.

Clipping a Clip+ to a shirt rather than to pants probably typically puts less stress on the clip. If I had to clip it to pants, I would probably clip it to a belt loop. I am wondering why Sandisk used plastic, a hinge and a spring for the clip. I was just looking at the clip on a tiny radio I have. It is metal, and similar to the clip on a ballpoint pen. the clip is very thin and sturdy, although it might not hold that well if the player is upside down.