Broken Clip--Not covered under warranty???

I contacted Sandisk requesting a new clip for my 4gb Sansa Clip after mine broke the first week. I was told the plastic clip is not covered under the limited warranty.  They said I can buy one soon off the website.  After reading other posts and seeing others get sent parts I am ticked!  Is this something new?  Too many broken clips and they are not sending them out anymore?

It’s about time they got smart. Why give away something that people will pay for? In your case however, if it broke in the first week of ownership, I would think they owe you a new one. Maybe call back, get a different customer service rep, and get a different answer. :wink:

It wouldn’t hurt to mention that you called for the replacement on advice received on “their” support forum (here) and that you were told this was the ONLY way to get one. It’s fine if they are going to sell them ‘in the future’, but that doesn’t help you NOW!

It makes good business sense to sell these clips. As they are the mechanical part that receives the most use and abuse, it’s only natural to expect they will eventually break. Many people would buy a few just to have on hand for spares. SanDisk has been criticized for a while for NOT selling them. But, they also need to take care of their customers and replace a defective part (free of charge) within a ‘reasonable’ length of time. Maybe 30 days?

Good Luck! :smiley:

I like having them on sale, but they are part of the player and should be covered by the 1 year warranty as well.  Come on, 1 year is not a great amount of time.  And if there is a breakage issue, SanDisk should fix the underlying issue, not just get the consumer to pay for replacements …

I have examined the Clip clips in detail (thread from a while back).  They take an amazing amount of daily wear and tear, but the spring does stress the clip at the midpoint.

I have long supported replacement clips, as the design of the device makes replacement a snap (no pun intended).

My four wee Clips all have cracks at the spring, yet none of them has completely failed.  This issue is the only design or materials issue I see, it’s just the type of plastic used.

The best overall compromise is that they be available at a reasonable price, so everyone will be happy.  The back of the Clip’s integrated socket isolates any damage to the accessory clip only, very nice indeed.

I’m looking forward to seeing them available.

Perhaps, a heavier-duty version will be made available as an upgrade accessory.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Bob, again, you and others are using the Clip’s clip for its designed purposes.  Therefore, SanDisk should warrant that it won’t crack and, if it does, should improve the design to a “heavy-duty” design as the standard that ships with the Clip.  IMHO.

Yes, an improved spring rest point, a “curl” at the end of the wire spring to spread the force, or a more forgiving grade of plastic would be great.  Equally great will be the option to upgrade existing Clips to the new design, if that’s the path taken in manufacturing.

The existing ones are pretty decent, as almost a year of three daughters’ daily use has shown me, but there is a market for a cool solution.

To help keep the Clip secure with different types of clothing, or activities like jogging, or exercise, a heavier clip with a silicone grip surface (ring) would be nice indeed.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

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