broke the clip on the sansa clip

looks like i’m outta luck getting a replacement for my broken sansa clip clip. i e-mailed sansa-no response. we own 6 different sansa players. not great customer service. not even a reply. lame. any suggestions from y’all?

Phoning SanDisk for support is almost always more successful than emailing them.  But a recent thread discusses replacing clips and it sounds like SanDisk is out of them.

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This really is the Achilles heel of the Sansa Clip.  I love my player, I love it so much, I even bought a backup but the clips keep breaking and apparently they are as rare as hen’s teeth.  The first Sansa Clip I bought,  the clip broke in a month but they shipped me out a free replacement within a few days.  Then I was told that I could buy replacement clips on line.  Yeah!  Unfortunately, the price was ridiculously expensive (3 clips for $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping) and even worse by the time I decided to bite the bullet and buy them, they were on back order.  They have been on back order for months now and yesterday the page was removed from the web site.

Sadly, my first player was ruined when the clip broke off completely at the gym and I tucked the player into the shoulder strap of my bra-- there was too much moisture and now the display no longer works.  Even the guys at Tech support could not revive it.  Meanwhile, the clip on my “backup” player is cracked and ready to break off but customer service is telling me it will be 4 to 5 weeks for a replacement to be shipped. I really, really wish that Sandisk would get their act together and do something about this problem.  Why sell a “clip MP3 player” if the clip part is prone to breakage and impossible to replace?

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I searched for alternatives and found this:

This would suffice as long as its not on my pocket, I won’t get to break it accidentally. :smileyvery-happy: