How do I get a replacement clip for the Sansa 4GB Silver clip

I use my clip player a lot and finally the spring broke through the plastic clip. I need a replacement fast. It’s hard exercising without it.

The only way to get one is to call up SanDisk Tech Support and say, “Pretty Please?” and if you get a sympathetic rep they might send you one. They are not sold by SanDisk or anyone else as a replacement or after-market part. :cry:

yeah, if you just call the tech support, I think they will be happy to send a replacement to you :slight_smile:

I’ve often wondered why they don’t make the clip part of the Clip out of metal rather than plastic.  At least the little piece that cracks and then breaks through.

Call tech support.  They will send you a free replacement.  I lucked out…they sent me two replacement clips for my 1GB Clip.

they sell them in 3 packs at the online sansa store for $9.99