Is there any way that i can get a free sansa clip?

I’ve Just encountered a major problem with my sansa disk early this morning. when i was listening to my sansa clip earlier this morning, while rewinding a track to listen for playback, the sansa clip completely cut off on me. now I’ve recently bought the sansa clip a couple of months ago, so its fairly brand new. I’ve done nothing with wrong this product for it to completely die on me. so now my sansa clip is completely dead, can it be replaced? The thing is i recently bought it and threw away the receipt…:-(…is there any way i can get a new one free of charge?

You can email or call tech support, but they’ll make you troubleshoot the clip first so you may as well try a few things on your own first. I suggest checking it in a computer for starters, to see if the computer sees it.

If it is indeed DBR (dead beyond repair) that it would be replaced under warranty. But SanDisk, as well as many other companies have this funny way of looking at things and put part of the warranty requirements on the customer. They actually want you to show that you are the owner, usually via the sales receipt. :smiley:

This protects them from replacing DOA units that have been sold a couple of times on E-Bay, or found in the gutter, or stolen, etc. which of course keeps their costs down and therefore keeps the retail price down for all of us.

Lesson #1: ALWAYS , ALWAYS , ALWAYS keep the receipt on any electric or electronic device!

Lesson #2: Search this forum! You may find it’s something simple that you can fix.

Lesson #3: Did I mention ALWAYS? :smiley:

You can try a “re-set” by holding the power button up for 15 - 20 seconds then try to re-start normally. This may help.

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thanks for the help you guys but the clip is basically dead…and now im stuckin using a old etec mp3 i dont even like…so is there anyone on here that has an extra clip layin around? lol

MP3 players like the Sansa Clip can appear dead when they are not. It is worth contacting SanDisk Technical Support to let them try. You might also learn something about your Clip.

And if they can’t get is going for you, they will request return and replacement of your Clip. The replacement will be a new “free” Clip.

its up and running again! lol earlier on I just push the on button, thinking it wouldnt come back up and it did( Thank God) …lol…so no worries anymore. but this is definitely a glitch they need to work on lol…:smileyvery-happy:

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