Finding a replacement Clip for my Clip

Does anyone know where I might get a replacement clip for my SansaClip?  I love this thing and I use the clip on the back all the time. It broke at the spring yesterday and so now I am looking for a replacement.  That or a very small, close fitting case that has its own clip.

Thanks for the help

The Sansa store sells a pack of three clip replacements in choice of color for $15.00.  You can access the store by just clicking on the ad at the top of this page.

Call Sansa Support 1-866-SANDISK and tell the Support Agent that your Clip accessory broke and you want a free replacement.  This seems like a manufacturing/design issue. 

Here is my thread on the subject

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I would make it an issue with them and get the free replacement.  If enough people call them, maybe the design will get fixed.

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Hear, hear!