clip is broken...repairable?


Is there any way to repair the spring clip if it broken? Is it removable?

On the original Clip, yes. You can get replacements here (although it looks like all they have left are pink).

The Clip+ model however has an intregrated clip on the back. While it is much sturdier than its predecessor and less likely to break, it is not replaceable. Those who have managed to break theirs have ground down the remaining plastic level with the casing and glued on another clip of some sorts (like from an office supply store).

Mine also broke. It is under a year old. I got a RMA from Sandisk. They are replacing my clip+ under warranty.

Good for you–and great to hear (I’ve always thought that the warranty covers and should cover the clip)!    :slight_smile:

thanks everyone for the replies but I am past the regular warranty for my clip+.