Wet sansa clip

I left my clip in my pocket in the wassher.

It has dried but will not charge and turn on.

Is there hope to salvage this and use it? 

Hopefully, it will be OK after a thorough drying.  No, this doesn’t mean plop the wee device in the clothes dryer!  Hopefully, getting wet is the most trauma the Clip has been through.

The average household clothes dryer subjects the Clip to an ambient temperature approaching 90*C or about 195*F, terrible for the battery and display, not to mention the bashing about in the tumbler while hot, potentially loosening the battery module.

Place the Clip in a warm dry spot, like a shaded window sill, or in a bag of dry rice, I have seen mentioned.  A desiccant like rice, which loves to absorb ambient moisture, ensures rapid evaporation of the residual moisture in the Clip.  Give it a few days to dry, then plug the Sansa into the USB port and see if it comes to life.  Let the battery charge back up.

While plugged in to that power source (USB or adaptor), leave it plugged in until the battery is fully charged, preferably for several hours, to allow the nominal heat dissipated during the charge process to ensure that everything is dry and happy.

If you have subscription media loaded in the Sansa, you may get a “synchronize to renew subscription” flag upon power up.  This is because you may have lost the ULP (ultra low power) oscillator while it was wet, and your secure clock is no longer timed properly.  If Overdrive / NetLibrary / Napster / Rhapsody is the media, for example, reauthorize the device using the requisite client software, and you should be back in business.

In production, the Clip does have a little sealant bead added around the processor, protecting the 200-pin chip “bead bed”, plus it gives a measure of added resiliency to the final product.  It takes only a tiny amount of water to wreak havoc on modern microelectronics.  The Sansa often fares quite well after a patient drying out.  Water often hides in the switches, the Mini-B port, and the display ribbon connector.  Let it dry a few days before attempting to power it up.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: