Repair Required

I m from India.

I hv a sansa clip, but it has damaged in rain…

do u have ny service center in Delhi??

sometimes with cell phones that get wet, like in the washing machine, you can put them in a bowl of uncooked rice to remove the moisture.

Most importantly, do NOT turn the player on until it has dried out throughly, many days!

I just accidentally washed my daughter’s sansa clip mp3 player.  We haven’ t turned it on.  I understand it has to dry, does the rice trick really help, or is it just as helpful to set somewhere, maybe with a fan blowing on it?  Help!  This is a major, huge deal!   How many days would you suggest?

The Clip is a surprisingly durable little guy.  As long as the soap has been rinsed from the device, the odds are good that it is recoverable.

To remove any soap, flushing the device with distilled water is best.  Why would you use distilled water?  It is non-conductive, since it has no ions (salts) in it. 

Drain the device by removing the microSD card, if one is mounted, and shake the device lightly.  Don’t reinstall the card until later, as the open port helps with the drying process.  Drying out the Clip is a matter of humidity and time.  I have three daughters, so soaked Clips has happened several times over the years, with recovery every time!

Place the Clip in a warm dry place.  Years ago, this used to be atop the family television set, with its warm group of vacuum tubes.  A shaded windowsill works well, as long as the Clip doesn’t “bake” for hours in direct sunlight.  The rice trick works very well, as dry rice has a huge affinity for moisture; it’s a wonderful dessicant.  Place the Clip in a container of rice, and the grains will absorb the moisture in the air as it evaporates.  Just be sure to dry the Clip in open air first, as the rice is the final step.  You don’t want to place a “dripping” wet device in the rice.

After a few days, you can give the Clip a try.  Don’t worry if it doesn’t power up at first, as the battery may have discharged through the moisture.  Plug it in to the USB port and see if it powers up.

Leave the device plugged in for a day, as the warm electronics will drive the last of the moisture out, while the device charges.

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