Clip+ wet from gym - won't switch on...

Like the subject title suggests - the 'player got totally drenched in sweat from gym.

Now the little bugger won’t switch on !

here’s hoping its just a temporary circuitry ‘short’ while its drying out… anyone got any further advice of how robust the main board is or experience of similar? 

Cheers folks


It in fact is a robust player, and they often come back to life.  

As you no doubt know, you need to let it dry out internally completely–we’re talking many days–before you turn it back on.  Some people will put the player in a bowl of rice to help with that.  Also, before doing so, some people will flush the player out with distilled water, to get out the minerals that came along with the sweat (of course, you keep the player off when doing so!)–an option to consider.  

I had the exact same problem. I was working out and next thing I know the clip cuts off…It was in a sweaty place. I try to do a hard reset and nothing. It was coming on at first with no song and the sansa sign showing. I plug it into the computer and the computer recognizes it.

Did your clip ever come back to life? I really dont want to get another one. 

The Sansa Clip / Clip+ devices are remarkably resilient.  A good drying out should be all you need, mixed in with a little patience.

Sweat contains salts, which form conductive deposits on the circuitry. This does complicate things a little bit, but a bath in distilled water actually does help (though the process takes longer). In the fire service, we had a distilled-water ultrasonic bath for those inevitable radio drenchings that would happen on occasion. $1500-plus pacsets don’t mix well with water.

First and foremost, don’t attempt to turn on the device. Place it in a small beg with dry rice, common grocery store rice. It has an amazing affinity for moisture absorption and will accelerate the drying process nicely.

Place the bag on a warm and dry location. Indirect sunlight, like you’ll find on a window sill, is great. DO NOT use a hair dryer or other heating method, as the internal lithium battery will not like the heat!

After it has had a few days to dry, plug in the device, and see if it comes to life. The charging process will help as well, as the process involves a little internal heat as the battery charges.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I have a similar problem. I mainly use my Clip+ as an audio source on my motorcycle. Normally I remove it from the handlebars when I think it is going to rain. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to remove it this weekend when I had to ride through a storm. Afterwards, it hasn’t worked. I tried to connect it to my computer, and got a “device not recognized” error message. I will leave it sit for about a week or so, and see if it will come back to life for me. If not, I guess it is time to search for a new player. I might even buy 2 so I have a backup in case this happens again.

It might help for the future to place it in a Ziplock bag and just poke a small hole for the headphone cord.

Or if you’re really ambitious, you could mod one of the small Altoids tins to hold your Clip+.

They’re just the right size. Punch a small hole in the side to run the headphone cord through and you can probably get a rubber grommet to guard against chafing. Line the inside with some thin foam to keep it from rattling around and you’re all set. These boxes aren’t totally water-proof, but the lid fits pretty tight. You might be able to line the lid with a thin sheet of plastic to seal the lid when it’s closed.

Of course, you can’t use the clip on the back of the player; I don’t know how you usually fasten it to your handlebars, and it might be a hassle opening it up to change tracks or adjust the volume, etc. but it’s a cool little (almost) ready-made case for either the Plus or Zip models that might work for you.

Thanks for the suggestions Tapeworm! I actually do carry a zip lock bag on the motorcycle to cover the player when I know I will be riding in the rain. I just screwed up and didn’t think it would happen when we hit the road. Once we got to a stop, it was too late. I do use the clip on the player to hold the player on the handlebars, near the left hand grip. That way I can easily change the track or adjust the volume while I am riding. I don’t want to be the annoying biker with my music blasting when I pull into a housing area. So the Altoids box would not work for this. It might be worth toying with one to see if I could set it up to allow volume and track control from outside the box.

Hi All

Just to confirm these are resilient little players mine has been through a complete hot wash and spin dry in a washing machine after being left in a pocket. I thought that was the end of it so went and bought another but after a few days drying it has worked with no problem ever since!!

Just like the 9 lives of a cat . . . . :wink: