WEIRD! Shaker says "one one" goes off

My son says we must have won a huge price for the weirdest problem ever!

I bought 2 shakers, a pink for my daughter and a blue for me son. Now my sons is having this freaky thing with his. When you turn it on, instead of having that drum roll it says “one <waits a second> one” and then the off drum roll sound and off it goes.

We tried several new batteries and exchanged SD card with the one that works in the pink shaker but nothing helps.

I’d call tech support on that, it sounds weird. O.o

it dosent sound like much of a functionality problem

it works fine otherwise right?

I believe I figured out the problem. Not that I can fix it myself though. It seems that the ring that moves fast forward gets stuck in the forward position and therefore doesn’t play. If I remove that ring by force, it plays fine.