a problam with my new shaker

I just bought one of these for my daughter christmas.  I loaded up music no problem, but am having some playback issues.  The “random” shaking feature will only go to the same song over and over again.  I figured this wasn’t too big of a deal and was gonna deal with no random, but when I try to skip songs with the >>l button it does the same thing, every time you twist it it goes to the same song.  I double checked that all the songs are loaded properly and they are.  Sometimes when you let it finish a song it will actually go to a different one, but using either the >>l or shake feature doean’t appear to work at all.

Our shaker doesn’t shake to another song either, but the fast foward button does work.

Our shake feature doesn’t work either. 

Got this for my dtr for X-Mas.  It’s cute:stuck_out_tongue:.  Love the speaker feature and the double jacks for headphones.  It came with a 512 SD card for storing the songs on.  She already filled half :-).  Guess I will be giving up my 1GB disk soon.  It’s easy to load using the card reader in my computer so the USB cord isn’t needed much in my case but it is handy to have.  Only uses one AAA battery so we won’t go through them like water. 

Few downfalls that I have come across already in just these few days:  

  1. The bottom of the player is the cover for the unit and doesn’t stay on well at all.  luckily it is tethered to the unit by string, the card is spring loaded in and the battery compartment has its own cover.  :cry:
  2. You can only put on MP3 files.  It doesn’t seem to work with WAV files.  It’s easy enough to convert them though if you know how. :neutral_face:
  3. I can’t get it to “shake” and change songs.  the “twisters” are the only things that work for changing the songs. :dizzy_face:

As for the original problem you asked about - ours did the same thing and that is how I realized the songs needed to be in MP3 format only. 

For the $$$ spent it is OK for kids.  No bells and whistles which is fine.  Definitely worth the $$$ so far. :smiley:

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here is a link for a converter that will take a wav to mp3 and mp4 to mp3s


Check out the user manual page 6 (shake feature) and it will show you how to  use it. You have to hold down the play button while you “shake” to the next song. Hope this helps!