shaker turns on then off on its own

hello all. just got my 2 sons 2 shakers. one works great, but skips on high bass songs. i read the other posts on this so i am not concerned about it. but the other one worked great for awhile but now it turns on then off right away. i changed the battery and reloaded the songs on the card but it still does it. really wierd. i looked through the forum to see if i could find this issue but no go. it is like the battery is dead but i dont get the uh-oh from it to indicate the battery is dead.

wht do you think? i would return it but i have no packaging left as the kids destroyed it!!!



I had the same problem with both of the units I bought my sons on tuesday. I called technical support and they’re supposed to be emailing me an upgrade that will solve the problem. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!