On Shaker # 2 - what am I doing wrong? It shuts down while playing

Shaker #1 worked fine for one week, then starting shutting down on it’s own after about 10 seconds.  I changed the battery, reformatted the card and called SanDisk.  They advised me to return it to Amazon.  Today I received the new one from Amazon and did not load my own songs onto it yet.  I put in the battery, turned it on, listened to 10 seconds of Three Blind Mice and it shut down again.  I’m sure Amazon didn’t send me 2 defective Shakers.  What am I doing wrong?  Why did it work for 1 week?  I have a case open with SanDisk but I’m so discouraged by this I’m ready to just buy another MP3 for my daughter.

I’m using MP3 songs, and also the second time around I haven’t even loaded a song, just unpacked it, put in the battery and turned it on.  I also haven’t heard any Uh Oh’s.


Now does this make any sense?  The first Shaker battery went dead so I replaced it with a brand new Energizer.

When the 2nd Shaker arrived I put in a new Energizer battery.

I just changed the battery to a new Panasonic battery and it’s working fine.  Maybe I have a bad pack of Energizers?  I never heard the Uh Oh sound though.


sounds like bad batteries, thats pretty new to me.