Weird rewind/fast-forward issue

While playing long MP3s (greater than approx 36 minutes), the progress meter hits the right before the track has ended. Once this has happened, rewinding and fast-forward goes a screwy. It jumps back too far, forwards too much and generally doesn’t work as it should. This problem is particularly apparent when listening to podcasts, which tend to be quite long.

I thought at first this was to do with a particular MP3, but I’ve since found it happening on several others. Once the progress meter has butted-up against the right, the only way to access the section of the track that is over 36 minutes is to forward onto the next track, then hold rewind to go back through into the previous track. Even then, the time reported is clearly wrong.

I’ve updated to the latest firmware, but this hasn’t fixed the problem. Is this a good place to report this bug, or should I send an email to someone as SanDisk? This is the only annoyance in an otherwise surprisingly excellent device. 

I have exactly the same problem since I listen to audiobooks on my Sansa.  Did you get any help

resolving the problem?


Good to know someone else is experiencing it.

I was listening to This Week in Tech last night and that seemed ok (it’s well over an hour long). That one is a CBR MP3 while the others that I’ve identified as having this problem are all VBR so far. Could it be VBR MP3’s that are the cause of the problem?

I converted the problematic podcasts to WMA (still using VBR) using dbPowerAmp and they work fine. So the evidence would suggest that this is a problem with the MP3 decoding software present on the Clip.

Can someone from SanDisk confirm that they have this bug report? Should I send an email directly to support? If so, what is the email I should send to? 

E-mailing SanDisk directly is a good idea, as bugs noted here can get lost in the daily traffic.

Send your findings to

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks Bob, will do.

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